Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

Our fees vary depending on which subscription you choose. Click the "Get Started Now" button in the top right to see your options.
For premarital counseling, most couples will need 1-3 months, which means between $125-$375.

Is Marathon Marriages a licensed counseling agency?

No. The Premarital Counseling and Marriage Counseling we offer is different than a licensed counselor. We are a certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator. We are not licensed counselors.

What is your stance on homosexuality?

We believe every person, regardless of sexual orientation, has inherent value and rights. Marathon Marriages primarily focuses on heterosexual marriages and relationships and are not equipped to work with homosexual couples. Therefore we would not be a good choice for these couples. However, we are always open to having conversations and learning more, so please feel free to contact us.

Is Marathon Marriages a Christian organization?

We believe that Jesus shows us the best way to live and relate to others. Marathon Marriages is not affiliated with any church or denomination.

What is your stance on premarital sex?

We know it happens. We don't think it's a wise decision, but that's no reason to not seek out premarital counseling. We promise there won't be any judgment from us.

How long does premarital counseling last?

It varies from couple-to-couple. The minimum time would be 4 sessions, but before we begin, we will give you a recommended timeframe based on your assessments.


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